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Letters for my Little Sister | A collection of letters

September 16, 2014


“Her little sister is so lucky,” says my 10-year-old daughter, earlier this evening, as I was explaining one of Sable Books’ latest releases to our beloved piano teacher.  As I got home, I realized I hadn’t shared it with all of you. Letters for my Little Sister began as a real letter — one that […]

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Published in Iodine Poetry Journal

September 23, 2013


Pleased and honored to have a poem included in the current issue of Iodine Poetry Journal.  I am in the company of some very fine poets like Debra Kaufman, Joe Mills, and David Radavich. Find out how to purchase one here.

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Why Choose Sable Books?

July 25, 2013


Why should you consider Sable Books?  In today’s publishing climate, many authors are turning away from traditional publishing houses because they wish to have more control over their own work. But it takes a lot of time just to research the other options. Once researched, the choices to be made can be confusing. Self-publishing, Co-operative publishing, […]

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Content and Blogging for Business

March 14, 2013

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The word “blog” seems to still conjure up, in some, images of family vacations or meals on the table.  It’s a dated term. But content writing/blogging for business has never been more important.  Because of the way SEO works, Google, Bing and Yahoo all rank sites according to the content on your site.  And now, […]

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FREE Data Management and Security & Version Control Workshop for Writers

March 4, 2013


Free and open to the public!  Also available to attend virtually online. Picture this: You return to your desk at home ready for a productive writing session only to discover that your drink has been knocked over onto your computer by a  culprit whose shadow is disappearing around a corner — and now a month’s […]

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On Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book

November 11, 2012

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If you think writing the book was hard, wait til you take on publishing.  Here are points to consider carefully whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose: 1.  Editing.  In my opinion, hiring an editor is absolutely required before publication.  Even if you are publishing yourself, you should hire an editor to go […]

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