Writer, editor, poet, activist

I believe our stories can transform and heal us. Giving a voice to those who have been historically silenced or marginalized is my life’s calling.

Domestic violence was formative in my childhood, both shaping and coloring my choices and my life for many years. I know firsthand the healing power of poetry, and the empowerment that comes from writing and re-claiming one’s own narrative.

In 2016, I co-edited Red Sky, an anthology of poetry around the subject of violence against women. You can purchase this collection either through Amazon, benefiting C&L Prison Bookstore, or directly from me.

Join me for workshops where we dig deeper into our own personal traumas and collective ones, and begin the healing process. “Writing to Heal” is a workshop series that centers on participants’ healing by using poetry in the context of safe space to begin writing a new narrative for their lives.

Language is our most inexhaustible source of truth and also power, and I have long been fascinated with learning languages. To that end, I am also a certified translator.

I believe deeply in the craft of writing, and have had the honor and pleasure of helping many authors edit their work. If you have a manuscript that you’d like to get help with, get in touch through my contact page and we’ll discuss your project.