Are You Talking To Me?

On Knowing Your Audience

Sounds simple, right?  Whether you are business owner trying to land an account, an applicant trying to land a job, or a writer submitting your work, this is a simple rule that you must consider before each correspondence.  Know who will be reading it.

Do your homework.  Research.  If you weren’t good at it in college, now’s your chance to hone your skills.

1.  Take a look at what your target (audience) is buying or reading, AND notice what they’re not.  Check their website and give yourself some time — be thorough.  Study the language and any industry-specific terms.  You’ll need to learn this.  Yes, there will be a quiz.

2.  Check to see who they are following on Twitter.  You’ll want to know who has their attention already.  Find their other social media sites.  Look around.

3.  Talk to people who know him/her/the business.  Ask questions.  Learn names, styles, preferences.

4.  Don’t forget!  Check out their competition‘s website and social media.

Then, when it’s time, polish your presentation or body of work.  Speak in their language.  Keep it simple.  And no typos, grammatical errors, or slang – please!  If you are unsure of your own eye, have someone proof/edit for you.  Depending on what’s riding on your piece, an investment of a good editor can mean a big payoff.  Don’t discount yourself and be direct – and if it’s appropriate, ask for their business.

People can spot genuine interest in their business and who they are.  In the avalanche that is social media, it is easy to miss something.  Take the time to prepare yourself and learn what’s going on.

And let me know if I can help you prepare in any way.  Your success is my mission.


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