March 14, 2013


CALL TO ACTION from Preventing Newtown. Please, today. Get involved. Remaining silent is the same as giving permission.

It Can Happen Here

On February 4, 2013, the Washington Post featured an article entitled:“The 26 swing Senators on guns — in 1 infographic.” It highlights 26 Senators who may be open to discussion on gun legislation based on their rating by the NRA, funding their opponents have received from certain organizations, how many firearm businesses are in their state and more.

This week, Preventing Newtown will be posting 4-5 Senators a day viaFacebook andTwitter. We realize you don’t have a lot of hours left in the day after work, family and other obligations, so we are making it easy for you! Just call a few a day. It should only take about 10 minutes a day if you have the numbers in front of you.

Get the list of Senatorshere(or view image below) and find their contact info here. Preventing Newtown will also be posting the…

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