Content and Blogging for Business

The word “blog” seems to still conjure up, in some, images of family vacations or meals on the table.  It’s a dated term.


But content writing/blogging for business has never been more important.  Because of the way SEO works, Google, Bing and Yahoo all rank sites according to the content on your site.  And now, more than ever, it’s important to get yourself found.

Fresh content + more content = Higher Search Engine Ranking

People find businesses differently now.  Instead of opening up the Yellow Pages and finding an attractive ad, or even searching and finding an attractive website, your potential customers are doing their due diligence.  They are searching.  They check you out and then they check out your social media.  They might check Yelp.  In other words, they have a look around.
You (or someone you hire) should be writing for your website at least once a week, and editing for SEO.  (My article on editing for SEO is coming soon.)  Fresh content is going to constantly send Google the message that you are consistently adding to your site —  and give your social media followers something to look at.

Watch your analytics for search engine phrases that your audience wants to know.

You have expertise.  You could talk for hours upon hours about your widgets, about where they were made and why that factory uses a superior process or alloy, and how over time the degradation of competitors widgets is all too common.  Your potential clients want to know, instead, which widget works best in the kitchen and which one is better for travel and are Googling such.  Don’t fight it.  Bring your vast knowledge into your articles — but by all means answer their questions.

One client of mine and I realized that almost 80% of his traffic was coming in on countless variations of the same question.  Turns out, it’s an important question and key to being found early for his consulting practice and area of expertise.  So we’re embracing this need for information with countless other means of information and media.

Graphics and Images:  Potential Destroyer of SEO

Not kidding.  And another story.
When Joe and I first started working together, he came to me with a beautiful, image-rich site to showcase the gorgeous furniture he sells.  Also on his site at that time was a local news story in which his local charity work was featured.  Not only was he THE source for furniture but a great guy as well.  Who wouldn’t buy furniture from him?
But very little traffic was coming on to his site.  His Google Adwords weren’t working.  So what was the problem?
One look at his analytics told us the answer.  Because there were a lot of graphics and very little content, Google believed his site to be about his favorite charity as it was unable to read anything of the gorgeous images he’d chosen.
Are there ways to use graphics in a way that Google understands?  Of course.  Does everyone do this?  Apparently not.
Writing your site and keeping the content fresh is the best way to make sure you get and keep Google’s attention.  Building your social is important, too, and shouldn’t be forgotten, but content first.  Show the world your expertise.  Put it out there or let me help you do it.
Stay tuned.  We’re just getting started.  🙂

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