Why Choose Sable Books?

Why should you consider Sable Books?  In today’s publishing climate, many authors are turning away from traditional publishing houses because they wish to have more control over their own work.
But it takes a lot of time just to research the other options. Once researched, the choices to be made can be confusing. Self-publishing, Co-operative publishing, Digital, Print on Demand, Offset, 10pt or 12 pt cover, 50lb or 60lb interior, paper stock, paper tint, typeface, logo, color profile, etc.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the decisions that need to be made, especially for those with little experience working with publishers and printers.  Sable Books will handle all the professional details for you, explaining every step of the way what your choices are and what might work best for your book. We do all the work, but the final decisions will be yours.

Professional and Personal Attention to Your Book

We professionally design your book and cover with personal attention to your needs. You will be working with us closely, so your vision will be our vision.  Whether you have a book cover design in mind or would like some direction, we will craft it for you.  Whether you want a simple, clean layout of pages, or wish to add your own illustrations – we can do it.  From designing both the cover and interior of your book, we’ve got it covered. We even provide the ISBN number and list it for you in Books in Print.

We Make the Publication Process Easier

We manage all communications with the printer on your behalf.  We work directly with the printer to upload files, and obtain the page and cover proofs for your approval. Problem with the color on the cover?  We take care of it.  Layout fit to printer specification?  That’s our job.  When it’s time for e-publishing, we will handle that completely for you –  making the changes in formatting necessary for your book avbailable on multiple e-publishing platforms. Saving you time and money. We will negotiate with preferred printers to find the lowest rates on your behalf, or we’ll be happy to work with the printer of your choice.

There is No Minimum Number of Books Required to Print/Purchase

Some publishers will require you to sell a certain number of books before they will print your book.  Not Sable Books.  Since you control the printing process, you have the freedom to print as many or few copies of your book as you like, and when you want them.

We Don’t Charge Book Royalties

You pay us for our work and that’s it. Reprint rights, translation rights, film rights – they’re all yours.  100% of all sales revenue goes directly to you.

Continuous Marketing Strategy and Support

Press release?  That’s part of our job. We write the copy and help you identify best choices in where to send out notifications of your book release. Social media?  We design a marketing package that fits your needs and interests, and will be easy to implement.  We’ll create an effective strategy that is personalized for your book and ready to employ.

Sable Books –  the company to choose when you want to retain control of your publishing experience, but want professional assistance with your project.


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