Writers’ Workshop: Chapbook 101 | Putting Your Manuscript Together


This January, spend a Saturday afternoon working on your chapbook or collection of poems, essays, or short stories with Richard Krawiec, Danny Krawiec, and Melissa Hassard of Jacar Press and Sable Books.

richard_krawiecPutting Your Manuscript Together, with Jacar Press publisher Richard Krawiec 

An overview of the publishing scene, looking at options out there for poets and writers looking to find a publisher. We will experience how editors work and make decisions on manuscripts, and practice how to develop criteria, make judgments and rank submissions. Participants will work on revising and ordering their own poems, and receive feedback on the effectiveness of their choices. Bring one copy of 15 of your own strongest poems or pieces, arranged alphabetically.

melissa_hassardRemoving the Mystery from Book Marketing, with Melissa Hassard of Sable Books

Marketing is telling your story.  Marketing your book should be an authentic conversation between you and your reader.  This workshop is a conversation led by Melissa Hassard, to talk about your book and specific goals for your work, along with a thorough discussion of social media: what it’s good for, and what it’s not.

danny_krawiecElements and Rules for Book Cover Design with master designer Danny Krawiec

The one job your book cover has — the only job it has — is to sell your book, and in just a few seconds. There are careful considerations to be made in choosing your book’s cover design. This workshop explores book covers, what works and what doesn’t, and even print considerations, from master designer Danny Krawiec. Come and explore design elements, themes, and choices in this casual conversation with lots of examples.  If you have book covers to share, feel encouraged to bring your own.

We’ll have thoughtful discussion on how the pieces work together, and you’ll receive one-on-one attention and a hands-on approach to your material.  Join us!


WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK our sponsors — Writers Group of the Triad, Winston-Salem Writers, and Women Writers of the Triad — for their co-sponsorship of this event, and their members receive a special rate.


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