Writing for Peace

writing_for_peaceI have proudly accepted the role and honor as a member of the advisory panel for Writing for Peace.  If you are not aware of this fine organization, run by Carmel Mawle, here is their mission statement:

Through education and creative writing, Writing for Peace seeks to cultivate the empathy that allows minds to open to new cultural views, to value the differences as well as the hopes and dreams that unite all of humanity, to develop a spirit of leadership and peaceful activism.

Writing for Peace is currently accepting submissions for the 2015 anthology Dove Tales, An International Journal of the Arts.  The theme this year is Nature.  Learn more about the submission process and the type of work that will be included here.

I am very proud to be involved with this fine organization, and want to express my deep gratitude to Carmel Mawle for the invitation.

Writing for Peace | writingforpeace.org

If you’re not familiar with Writing for Peace, please take a moment and peruse the website of this wonderful organization.  They are a group of extremely talented writers,

From their website:

Writing for Peace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating empathy through education and creative writing in order to develop a foundation of compassion on which to build a more peaceful world. Our goal is to inspire and guide young writers to refine their craft and to consider the many ways their writing focus can bring us closer to nonviolent conflict resolution, a society that values human rights, as well as environmental and economic sustainability.

Young writers will find us a reliable source for:

  • Free writing workshops, school  programs, and craft tips
  • Annual Rocky Mountain Creative Writing Camp
  • Annual Young Writers’ Contest
  • DoveTales, a literary journal
  • Writing Mentors from around the world to answer questions
  • Role Models, our Advisory Panel members offer regular blog posts
  • Recommended Reading
  • Links to other relevant programs and resources

This spring, Writing for Peace looks at gun violence, as well as violence against women and other issues of women’s equality.  I am extremely honored by the decision of Writing for Peace to publish my essay, Exit Wound, on their site.

We are louder when we lift our voices together.  Together, we can affect real change for peace in this country.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. — William Arthur Ward